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EPOC & Afterburn

Did you know that after certain kinds of workouts, your body continues to burn calories? The science of ”excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” is complex, but it boils down to this: if you exercise in the right way, your body keeps on working out even after you’ve stepped off the treadmill and showered. We call that LimeTime.

Group Fitness For Every Level


All LimeTime sessions are personal. Start small and let the LimeTime effect build up.


Our workout is designed to let you recover quickly and get back to stamina work, leaner and fitter.


LimeTime is a perfect complement to a jogging regime, adding intensity to your routine.


LimeTime techniques are used by world-class runners to get off that plateau and move up.

Because LimeTime is built around an individual, it can be used by anyone who wants to see the health benefits of intensive structured group activity. From marathon runners to keep-fit moms, LimeTime is designed to squeeze the best workout possible into the hour you spend in the gym.

Smarter Exercise Starts Here

With Polar Cardio GX your heart rate and calories are displayed on a big screen - meaning you can see how much you’re working in real time and stay in your zone to maximize results. Your instructor sees this too and can tell you when to push it or when to ease off throughout the class. Instead of judging a good workout by how tired you feel or how much your muscles ache, now you can be sure you’re working at the right intensity to get fitter, faster.

The LimeTime Workout

The key to LimeTime workout is balance and intensity. Our trainers will find the right combination of activities to make your 60 minutes fly by.

  • Cardio Intervals

    As you exercise you will see your numbers on the big Polar screen in every LimeTime gym.

  • Kettle & Dumbells

    They don’t look like much but these smaller weights are an easy way to keep the fat burning.

  • Suspension Training

    LimeTime isn’t just about the heart rate. Suspension training helps strengthen your core and joints.

  • Weight Training

    Weights aren’t just for jocks. Strengthening your muscles helps the body burn fat efficiently outside the gym.

  • Core Exercises

    Everything we do depends on the torso so LimeTime always involves some abs, hips and lower back work.

  • Circuit Training

    Because we push different muscles at different times, our weight exercises keep your heart rate up.

It’s time you made every second count!

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